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Hi friends! I thought it might be interesting to point out that as a huge generality my overall theology differs from many of the Burros, whom I would consider Reformed, I think Baptist or Presbyterian. So they generally have more conservative views as an overall picture than I do, having come to closer discipleship through the United Methodist Church, which may be considered more liberal. For example, I was given the privilege of leading a service and giving the devotional last night in my pastor’s absence. In general, those in the Reformed denominations interpret the clutch verse in Timothy differently than I do and do not allow women to be pastors or elders, etc., whereas I am so thankful for all of the women who have shaped me spiritually over the years, without whom I wouldn’t even be in church. But I love listening and learning from the podcast as much as anyone, and I have an affection towards Rick and the crew.  Theological differences should never trump the love we are commanded by God to have for our neighbors. (There are 11 verses instructing us to love our neighbors, starting in Leviticus and blowing it up in the Gospels!)

Rick Welch led a new Side Study in episode 119, “What is the Garden of Eden Exactly?” Charlton Rick Carter III and Sarita Edgerton were in the studio with Rick and Andy. Rick started by asking everyone what their idea of the Garden was, and they came up with a strong visual of how they pictured it, full of rose bushes and grafted trees bearing fruit of all kinds. Of course they also mentioned the Fall and the events that happened in the Garden. We learned that Eden imagery is used throughout the Bible in reference to pleasure and paradise. We learned that the Garden is a philosophical or other-dimensional place where man walks with God. Rick went on to discuss on that he believes Adam to have been created on the Third day, making him the first Third-Day prototype and Jesus the last. (Any Third Day or Mac Powell fans in the house? LADIES?) This was a very interesting conversation that has me going back into Genesis…just when I think I have a handle on the Creation stories, there’s something else! It’s pretty amazing.

Episode 120 “To Infinity and Beyond “ is the first edition of Sam Frost Fridays! I have learned a lot more from listening to Dr. Frost than I did wading through his social media. Plus, he “uses” a lot of “quotation marks “ that I don’t understand. Moving on, this was a fascinating discussion of the concept of “eternal” verses “infinite.” Dr. Frost described infinity as unbounded, always adding, never expanding and something we are unable to have full knowledge of. He believes that history as we know it today will have an end, while Rick believes there is no end to this world as we know it.  Another enjoyable and slightly mind-melting episode.

Universalism was the topic of Episode 121. Rick II is a universalist, believing that anyone who comes to know Jesus can go to Heaven (that’s a basic description in a nutshell.) Rick (and most other Calvinists, as it’s one of the five points of Calvinism) believes in a body of the Elect, whom God has already chosen to be with him in Heaven. The Burros got into a discussion as to whether the stories in the Bible should be taken as literal/historical verses all of the Bible as parable. I’m hoping there can be a middle ground here because that’s where I’m at. Tiziana Severse popped in with her lunch and a feminist critique of the Bible (she’s so awesome.) Through her interpretation, she is able to draw out more practical applications to our lives today. Rick II mentioned training children up in the way they should go according to the Bible and I can certainly relate to that one as that’s what I do! There was also a mention of the scientific theory about the end of the world, whether it be by fires, expansion, etc.

Episode 122 was the second Sam Frost Friday titled “Our Heavenly Home: Days of Past and Future.” Sarita and Rick II joined Dr. Frost, Rick and Andy at Giraffe studios. The podcast was a fascinating discussion of Revelation 21-22, apocalyptic literature that is an image of the end of the world (of course!) This is one that you might want to have your Bible or Bible software available for following along.

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