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Hey fellow Burro fans! I have been absent for a bit because I moved. So, that would no longer make me “The #1 Fan in Fayetteville.” I’m now “The #1 Fan in Parkton.” Parkton is a small town southwest of Fayetteville, in Robeson County which I learned is the most ethnically diverse county in the state. I am enjoying the quiet out here, and I love my new home. So since I’m making up for lost time, let us get into it!

Episode 119 saw Dr. Sam Frost in Giraffe Studios along with Billy, Sarita, Rick II, Rick, and Andy. The Burros had just returned from a preterist conference up in Virginia at the Berean Bible Church. Dr. Frost is a former preterist who found holes in in preterist theory he once embraced, and left that camp. That exit has not been drama free unfortunately, and you can look up debates on YouTube and stuff on social media etc. Dr. Frost grew up with parents who regularly had Biblical debates as one was a Seventh-Day Adventist and the other a Pentecostal. Despite theological differences, they loved each other obviously and the debates were always charitable. This aspect of being able to love each other despite deeply rooted differences became significant to Dr. Frost’s character. In the podcast he mentioned Mad King, whom he deemed the father of full preterism as well as “The Late Great Mother Earth” movie. (I started watching it the other night on YouTube but only the first few minutes.) One interesting point for me was when Dr. Frost spoke about the compatibility between preterism and evangelism. For example, why do we still need the church if all is fulfilled? While analyzing his own views, Dr. Frost was driven to question the concept of infinity. This is a hard part for me too; that this life on this fallen earth is as good as it’s ever going to be for humans. When Dr. Frost left the movement, he was alienated from his social group and thus began a thirty year war that the Burros have walked into.  Dr. Frost has developed such a camaraderie with the Burros that he is doing Frost Fridays! Those episodes have been lots of fun as well, more about those later. I hope you give this one a listen on your own.

More Listeners Corner coming soon!

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