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The Listener’s Corner

Hello fellow listeners!

I hope that you are having an amazing week! Although I really enjoy the deep dives into the Word with the Burros, I also really enjoy the looser, comedic episodes like this one. Tiziana and Charlton joined Rick and Andy in the studio for this one. (Nickname Update: Tiziana will now be known as “Mom-So-Hottie.”)

Now, I don’t want to ruin all of the jokes, but it would seem that in the ancient world, being compared to an animal was complimentary, mainly in reference to virility. We now know where “hung like a mule” comes from! Let me not forget about the sexy camels. (I would like to forget, actually. I would most like to forget about the horse thing but now I never will.)

I have always thought that the books of Samuel had some weird stuff in them. The Burros definitely affirmed those thoughts on this episode. Butt tumors, GOLDEN butt tumors, and hundreds of foreskins (what actually was done with all of those?) The book of Proverbs gets plenty weird at times too. Even in the New Testament, things happened that are just funny, sometimes even read within context.

This episode is a lighter listen, perfect for a short road trip or to listen to while doing something else. Do expect some censored audio and some NSFW content, and do enjoy Tiziana’s laughter throughout the episode. (Her laughter always boosts my mood.) I attended a 3-day spiritual retreat over the weekend (highly recommend if you really want to feel the love of God, contact me for info) and I regret not having had time to listen to this before I left, because I could have joined along with the other people who told jokes on our meal breaks, and totally could have been a hit!

Look for a  Notes from the Underground episode on Tuesday Homosexuality and the Bible. And on Thursday a Side Study episode, “What is the book of Jasher?” drops. I’m really looking forward to both of these episodes. Looks like we can expect another “Scripture Out of Context” episode in about 2 years, so stay tuned!

Going forward, I will be making blog posts here instead of the traditional newsletter. Please feel free to leave comments and interact! Please consider subscribing to our Patreon page. Thank you so much for listening with me! Have a blessed week, y’all!


Much love,

Mary McLeod

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