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  • Episode 145- Side Study- A Conversation on Suffering September 28, 2023
    Sarita "the Edge" Edgerton fills in as host for Rick while he is away and brings up a topic that most people understand...suffering. Looking through the scriptures as well as their personal points of view on suffering, the Burros dig deep to try and understand how the outlook on suffering should be by a believer […]
  • Episode 144- More from the Sermon on the Mount September 21, 2023
    Rick, Big Daddy Carter, Ralph and Andy dig in a little more from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. So what does it mean to be "salt of the earth" or "light of the world"? Jesus makes bold statements about His disciples and what is expected of them in His kingdom. It's a power packed look […]
  • Episode 143- Testimonies- Jack Pelham- Let Us Reason Together September 14, 2023
    The Burros talk with our guest, Jack Pelham, to hear his personal testimony. Jack reached out to Rick via email and shared his thoughts on some of our previous episodes. In that email, Jack had laid out specific points and shared his findings in the scriptures to keep some of what is being said in […]
  • Episode 142- Notes from the Underground- Homosexuality and the Bible- Part 5 September 12, 2023
    In the final part of Tiziana's extensive study into same sex activity and the bible, she wraps up the research by looking into two specific words used by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians and in 1 Timothy (although she does not believe the second book was written by Paul). These two words, one which […]
  • Episode 141- Taking a Magnifying Glass to Judas Iscariot's Life September 7, 2023
    The Burros do a deep dive into one of the most villainized men that ever lived, the betrayer of Jesus Christ, Judas Iscariot. They comb through the texts to try and unearth clues into this man's psyche to determine how someone so close to the Son of God could get it all wrong. This is […]
  • Episode 140- Testimonies- Jon Paul Miles- The Sufficiency of God's Grace August 31, 2023
    This week, our guest, author Jon Paul Miles joins the Burros to share his personal testimony. Growing up in church and begin in a charismatic movement, Jon struggled with his own personal views on the grace of God. Over time, the Lord would challenge his foundations and he would begin a journey of studying the […]
  • Episode 139- Testimonies- Jim Beaver- When God Gives You a Melody August 24, 2023
    Rick and Andy sit down in Giraffe Studio with their long time friend, Jim Beaver to hear his personal testimony. Growing up in a home that was encumbered by mental illness, Jim heard the gospel at a young age when his father turned on a Billy Graham special on television. After asking for salvation, Jim […]
  • Episode 138- Side Study- The Beatitudes August 17, 2023
    Sarita "the Edge" Edgerton leads our latest Side Study on The Beatitudes. We have special guest, Jim Beaver, in the studio with us to discuss the opening statements of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. From the moment he starts, his teaching turns the world upside down. We hope you enjoy this episode! If you'd like […]
  • Episode 137- Notes from the Underground- Homosexuality and the Bible- Part 4 August 15, 2023
    Tiziana Severse is back in the studio with her fourth part of the series, Homosexuality and the Bible. In an attempt to avoid "clobbering" with what are called "the Clobber Verses", she begins to break down certain aspects of the Greco-Roman culture and why specific terms do not mean what we interpret them to mean […]
  • Episode 136- Roundtable Discussions- Getting the Word out About Preterism August 10, 2023
    Rick Welch and Big Daddy Carter of the Burros sits down with Pastor David Curtis, Dr. Amy Castillo, Joel Rosenauer and Bob Cruickshank for a Roundtable discussion about how to get the word out about preterism. With each person at the table being holding to a fulfilled eschatalogical view, the group discuss ways they share […]
  • Episode 135- Testimonies- Joel Rosenauer- Following God's Lead August 3, 2023
    In our second testimony episode from our Berean Bible Church recordings, Joel Rosenauer sits down with Rick Welch, Big Daddy Carter and Cherrie Lewis to share his personal testimony. After becoming a Christian, Joel would soon be called into the ministry. However, during the Covid lockdown he began to diligently search the scriptures which would […]
  • Episode 134- Testimonies- Dr. Amy Castillo- When Your Life Turns Upside Down July 27, 2023
    The Burros of Berea travel back to Berean Bible Church to meet with Dr. Amy Castillo to hear her testimony. WARNING! The content in this podcast is disturbing and is not suitable for children Parentel Supervision is highly suggested. Dr. Castillo tells of growing up in church, getting saved at 15, going to medical school, […]
  • Episode 133- Swapcast- Post-Conference Discussions w/ Michael Miano- Bob Cruickshank- Rick Welch July 20, 2023
    Rick Welch of the Burros joined Michael Miano on the Power of Preterism Network back in May 2023 to discuss the Berean Bible Church Conference. They talk about the speakers, what they taught and some of the lessons they learned while fellowshipping with others. Bob Cruickshank, one of the speakers, joined in by phone to […]
  • Episode 132- Swapcast Testimony with Michael Miano- Rick Welch Interviewed July 13, 2023
    On February 14th, Valentine's Day, Rick Welch was a guest on Michael Miano's Power of Preterism Network to share his personal testimony. Born in Michigan, he moved to Maine with his family as an infant and moved to North Carolina at the age of 5. Growing up in the mountains surrounded by "a church on […]
  • Episode 131- Notes from the Underground- Homosexuality and the Bible- Part 3 July 11, 2023
    Tiziana Severse is back in the studio to bring us Part 3 of her deep dive study of Homosexuality and the Bible. TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains issues dealing with sexuality, perversion and abuse. Please be advised and parental guidance is strongly suggested! In this episode she digs deep into the book of Leviticus to […]
  • Episode 130- Testimonies- Pastor Douglas Wilson- Living the Christian Life July 6, 2023
    This week the Burros of Berea speak with Pastor Douglas Wilson, of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho and listen to his personal testimony. Growing up in a Christian home, Pastor Wilson called upon the Lord at the age of 4 and later was baptized at the age of 10. After graduating high school he then […]
  • Episode 129- What is Liberty Exactly? June 29, 2023
    As the Burros still await the return of the rest of the cast, Rick, Andy, Sarita and Cherrie sit down at Giraffe Studio with the intent of discussing The Beatitudes. Rick veers off from that and discusses his ideas on what Liberty in our country is and how he thinks the meaning of it changes […]
  • Episode 128- Testimonies- Dr. Kenneth Berding- Sing Unto The Lord June 22, 2023
    Dr. Kenneth Berding, professor of New Testament Studies at Biola University joins the Burros to share his testimony. It's a fascinating story of a young man who watched his parents get radically saved during the Jesus Movement in California and soon he himself would call on Jesus for salvation. What would follow was a life […]
  • Episode 127- Dr. Sam Frost Friday- Part 4- Time Text Exploration June 16, 2023
    In our final part of our Dr. Sam Frost Friday series, the Burros dig into some of the time texts found within scripture and listen to differing views of interpretation. Over the course of these four episodes we've heard lots of different ideas regarding the original languages of the Bible and their translations. What does […]
  • Episode 126- From the Question Bucket June 15, 2023
    The Burros of Berea receive tons of emails asking us some very hard questions concerning the bible and Christianity. We are hardly to lot to be giving these answers, but in a show of solidarity, we attempt to do just that! If someone asks you if they've committed the unpardonable sin, how do you respond? […]