†he Burros of Berea

December 2022 Newsletter

Hello Listeners!

Hello to our drove of fans, and I hope that you are having a blessed Advent season. In my tradition, Christmas is not here yet, and we wait and prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus. But first, let’s look back at what the Burros were doing in November.

On November 8th, Tiziana hosted Rick and Andy for part 2 of the Mary Magdalene Notes From the Underground series on Tizi Tuesday! Also in attendance were Gregula and Fancy, Andy’s foster dog. Tiziana taught us about Herod and how Roman culture affected the status of women. I found it so interesting when Tiziana suggested that maybe the disciples were sent out as decoys, prolonging the time before the crucifixion. The story of the Gospel of Mary and the concept of patronage provided valuable background to how Mary Magdalene lived as a disciple. We also finally heard another tale of Larry the 15th apostle. This episode was relaxed and super informative!

On November 10th, Rick and Andy interviewed Michael Hessler. Mr. Hessler was a successful aeronautical engineer and businessman when her was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, two incredibly painful and debilitating diseases.  He eventually found himself living off the grid in Michigan, confined to a wheelchair much of the time and struck with blindness. Mr. Hessler was not a Christian at that time, and was absorbing and writing about really fascinating concepts, such as “determination vs. resoluteness,” and “learned helplessness with no mercy.” Terrible experiences with the medical community that were meant to serve him affected his life. God called him, in his words, through suffering and ignorance, and Mr. Hessler experienced a series of immersive experiences with the Holy Spirit. He described a lot of supernatural contact with the Holy Spirit, what he has learned from these experiences, and how he writes to teach others how to be empowered with the Holy Spirit. Keep your mind and heart open as you listen.

November 17th saw Rick, Andy, Sarita, Billy, and Cherrie in the studios with Dr. Don Preston. Dr. Preston told of his fascinating life and testimony as a 40 year preacher, who started out as a preacher’s kid whose father instilled the importance of studying and memorizing Scripture. As a high school kid, he was preaching on the weekends in surrounding communities. (This is definitely NOT what I was doing on the weekends when I was in high school!) I loved when Dr. Preston described his wife as Methobapticostal, because I can identify! Dr. Preston’s history of teaching the Olivet Discourse starting way back in the 70s from a Preterist point of view caused a lot of friction with the Church of Christ. This episode was compelling although a little long;  if you haven’t listened yet you may want to consider two shorter listening sessions. (You’re welcome.) Please visit one of Dr. Preston’s websites, www.bibleprophecy.comwww.donkpreston.org, or www.eschatology.com.

Our HollyDay Thanksgiving episode started with a Larry the Apostle joke and we learned how well everyone can make barnyard noises. Will Billy ever run out of candy names? The Burros had a round table style episode, during which we learned how much the politics of Thanksgiving was affected by our Founding Father’s notion of the separation of church and state, so that we are not only free to practice our religion, but we are also free from imposed religion. The drove talked about Sara Josepha Hale, the Godmother of Thanksgiving, and how her letter to President Lincoln solidified Thanksgiving as a national holiday. (I personally am NOT a fan of Ms. Hale, as she also penned “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” which was used to to tease me frequently as a child, along with every other girl named Mary. Bless our hearts.) It’s fun and refreshing when all of the Burros get to participate.

Coming up in December, our testimony series continues! Guests include Emily Malloy-French, Karen Rogers, Denice Sullivan, and Pete and Rachel Wrue. Our HollyDay edition on December 22nd will be all about the carols we sing at Christmas. Thank you so much for listening. Visit us as www.the BurrosofBerea.com and please consider becoming a supporter through Patreon. Sincere wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for you and yours from all of us!

Mary McLeod