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October 2022 Newsletter

Hello Burros of Berea Listeners!

Last month’s episodes

October’s podcasts started with Tizi Tuesday, as Tiziana “Mom So Hard” Severse hosted part 1 of a new Notes From the Underground series on The Life and Times of Mary Magdalene. This episode included Tiziana, Rick “Superfreak” Welch, and Andy. Andy was very up front about the fact that he didn’t know much about Mary Magdalene, and Rick admitted he had made a fairly common error in associating Mary Magdalene with Mary of Bethany, sibling of Martha and Lazarus. Tiziana pointed out that most of the misinformation and possibly even some of the lack of information surrounding Mary of Magdalene came from Pope Gregory, the “Father of Christian Worship,” and she focused initially on teaching what Mary Magdalene wasn’t. We know much less about who she really was. My favorite concept from this episode was that Mary Magdalene is considered the embodiment of the church as she was the first that Jesus revealed himself to; she was the original bearer of the Good News. By the way, Tiziana is Mom-ing even harder now as her daughter Jubilee was born on 10/19/2022 at 12:35 AM, both mother and baby are doing well!

The series finale of our Esther series, “A Lot Can Change a Lot,” concluded on October 6th. Ralph, Cherrie and Sarita joined Rick and Andy in the studio, along with special guest Charlton R. Carter III who has replaced me as the Burros #1 fan. Not really, he’s the #1 fan in Columbia, South Carolina! We did NOT get to hear any of Gregula’s purring or hear of any of his feline antics.

On October 13th, we heard the testimony of Dave Christiano. Dave and his brother Rich came to Christ in the 70s, and their faith collided with their love for film-making, and they have been going strong even since. Their movies are available on their YouTube channel (search for Christian Movies and the Christiano name) as well as Tubi TV and other outlets such as Amazon. Each of their films contains a message while maintaining the integrity of being a decent film. Some of their most popular titles are The Perfect Race, and Remember the Goal. We heard about Rick’s third (or 4th) career as a film extra, sometimes he gets speaking roles too! There’s quite a bit of sports related content and film related content in this episode, if that’s your jam. The latest Christiano movie is MindReader, check out MindReaderMovie.com and look for a theater near you.

Part 9 of our Side Study on the Olivet Discourse, Expanded in Revelation dropped on October 20th. Over the course of this study, cast members really began to question where they each stood on the Full Preterist vs. Dispensationalist view. This episode featured Mike Sullivan, author of House Divided as well as regular cast members Billy, Sarita, Cherrie, Rick and Andy. Is it possible that a believer’s feelings could cloud their hermaneutics? Can those of us who have expectantly waited for Jesus to come back find hope in a Preterist viewpoint? Has Dispensationalism made believers lazy in their response to the Gospel’s call? What do you think? Send feedback to Mary.BurrosofBerea@gmail.com.

Mr. Gary DeMar was our guest on October 27th. He is the author of over 35 books and a key figure in the Preterist Movement as well as the author, theologian and president of American Vision. Mr. DeMar spoke of his many interests through the years including athletics and fitness as well as publishing. This was a long and rich episode. I found Mr. DeMar to be extremely wise and funny. My favorite quote from this episode was, “Whenever someone farts in the Middle East, it’s the end of the world.” Make sure you listen all the way through and hear his Bible Quiz at the end.

Our Holly-Ween special welcomed Ryan and Emily Malloy-French as well as Holly Welch. We talked about how the earth opened up and swallowed Moses’ competition during his duel with Korah. We also learned how God taught a prophet to make zombies come to life. Spooky! Mr. Eye Candy himself brought in Extreme Warheads for the cast, and several cast members had spooky stories about being lost in the woods on Halloween and the like. Emily was even brave enough to call slain witches with a Oujia board! Once when I was a kid, I became really interested on something on television and refused to come to the table for dinner. That night, the light fixture fell and shattered on the chair I would have been sitting in. It wasn’t Halloween though.

Coming in November

Next month’s episodes will include three testimonies.

Brian Godawa is a best-selling Christian author, a screenwriter and filmmaker, as well as an international speaker. Brian Godawa penned a series of novels which present his theology and worldview in narrative form, as well as a nonfiction book used in schools around the country. To learn more before you listen, check out www.Godawa.com.

Michael Hessler is a former Aerospace engineer, whose chronic illness led him off the grid and into visions and a system of spiritual practice that helped him overcome incredible odds.

Dr. Don K. Preston is a seasoned preacher and public speaker as well as a prolific author. His most popular book to date, Who is This Babylon? A Study of Revelation, has received international acclaim.

The Burros will be traveling back to Berean Bible Church up in Virginia Beach again the weekend of the 18th of November to record more testimony episodes and another round table, so they are missing the opening of The Chosen that weekend. (I will miss it too, going to see Big Daddy Weave!)

Tizi Tuesday returns this second Tuesday of the month with more Notes from the Underground on Mary Magdalene, and listen for our Thanksgiving special, HollyDay edition!

On behalf of the cast and crew, thank you for listening and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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