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September 2022 Newsletter

Hello Listeners!

Hello fellow podcast fans! This is Mary McLeod, formerly known as the Burros Of Berea’s Number 1 fan. I say formerly because I have been promoted to a Bonus Burro, and will be writing our monthly newsletter. Hopefully you are informed and entertained as to what is going on with the podcast.

The September episodes saw Rick, Ralph and Andy on the road to a virtual hotbed of preterism, AKA the Berean Bible Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The September 1st episode continued our testimony series featuring Robert Cruickshank. Mr. Cruickshank is a regular speaker at the church, and Rick was a little fan-girly! Bob (let’s call him Bob) was saved in the Roman Catholic Church as a child and then attended a charismatic church. Even as a teen, Bob was reading the Olivet Discourse and listening to Bruce Springsteen and thinking something wasn’t as he had been taught. Later in Bible college he was attracted to preterism and read books by Gary DeMar and David Chilton, and he was convinced. Rick and Bob discussed the difficulty in attempting to discuss preterism with traditionalist dispensationlists who automatically label it as heresy. Bob uses a lot of music references (I love that) and spoke on how his views have influenced him to really focus on being salt and light in today’s world. Even though he has trouble enunciating the words “synonym” and “cinnamon,” Bob is writing a feature column on the Burros website at:

https://BurrosofBerea.comindex.phpcruickshankscorner. Make sure you check it out.

The September 8th episode featured one of the elders there at Berean Bible Church AKA Preterist Bay, Jeff McCormack, and his wife Veronica. Their testimony was recorded on their anniversary! Jeff and Veronica detailed their Christian walk together, from meeting in the military, marriage, and their explorations of different ways to be Christian. Their shared desire to experience church in the same way that the original Apostles did led them in hosting a home church and Bible study in the Puritan lifestyle (head coverings! Bible burnings!) away from dispensationalism and the Rapture at a time when the Rapture was a hot topic. Studying the Scriptures and reading a lot of different theologians seemed to bring them closer together in their marriage over the years. Veronica studied hard on her own to come to her conclusions, rather than blindly following her husband’s beliefs, which I admired. Jeff and Veronica had some complications with the Presbyterian church they were in and eventually found a church more aligned with their beliefs. Make sure you listen to this one!

Preterist author Mike Sullivan presented his testimony in the September 15th episode. Mike is the author of “House Divided” and “Armageddon Deception,” both available on his website, www.fullpreterism.com. His testimony included his boisterous laugh which was delightful. Mike described himself as a zealous person, and his stories certainly reflected a life-long zeal for Biblical understanding. The comparison and contrast of Evangelical eschatology, Islamic eschatology, and Talmudic eschatology was fascinating! Unrelated, I could really use a short vacation on the beach with Holly and Andy’s wife. After listening to this episode, I read a local news story about a 22 year old kid who was killed by police during a mental health crisis. The incident bothered me as I prayed for the family and wondered how this could have been prevented. Tragedies like these make my heart want to rely on tradition and hope for the return of Jesus even though I have been listening, too! Anyway, might I suggest the Outer Banks?

Our summer series on the book of Esther continued on September 22nd. The Burros were back home at Giraffe Studios for this one, episode 7. At this point in the story, it’s the beginning of the end for Haman. I like to listen to these episodes with my Bible open so I can make notes. Did you know the book of Esther contains the Hebrew word for “destroy” over 25 times which is meant to give the reader a sense of foreboding? The final show in this series dropped on October 6th featuring special guest Charlton R. Carter III. Esther ends in a spectacular finale wherein Esther and Mordecai save the Jewish race and the Israelites finally settle this pesky Amalekite issue. Make sure you listen so you can sound smart in Sunday school.

Our testimony series continues with the September 22nd episode with Derek and Ryann Lambert. When Rick first sent me this information, I said to myself, “That’s funny I know of a Derek Lambert. Couldn’t be the same kid though, this kid got clean around the same time my daughter did and was involved in the recovery community.” But it’s like a Six Degrees of Fayetteville thing and look, it’s the same guy! Derek said at the beginning of the show that Ryann was shy but she didn’t come across that way. I found her sense of just having to do what has to be done in a situation relatable and her sense of humor delightful. I’m sure that both Ryann and Derek’s praying mama (because I am a praying mama!) have positively affected Derek’s success as it is today! Derek is a lifetime learner. He described attending a local Bible college that brought back a different memory for me:  their lot always provided a shady place to walk dogs when that was my job. Derek and Ryann tell the story of how Derek went from wanting to be a pastor to being excommunicated to becoming a skeptic and influential podcast host, dealing with family issues and addiction along his journey. What I admired most about Derek’s testimony and what caught me by surprise is the sense of humility Derek has. Although he’s a skeptic/non-believer, he doesn’t position himself as smarter than other people who do believe, and I just didn’t expect that. Don’t miss this episode and make sure to check Derek’s work out at mythvision.com, YouTube, and wherever else you get your podcasts.

In October, look forward to testimonies from previously mentioned author Gary DeMar and Christian Sci-Fi author Brian Godawa. Our favorite bundle of energy, Tiziana Severse will lead a study, “The Life and Times of Mary Magdelene” and host Tiziana Tuesday. The Burros will host Mike Sullivan for further discourse on the Olivet Discourse. Plus a special Halloween episode with special guests Ryan and Emily French and Holly Welch!

I’m interested in your feedback and commentary. I’m always open to chatting with other fans. Send me an email at Mary.BurrosofBerea@gmail.com! Please consider becoming a Patreon patron. Have an amazing October!

Mary McLeod